On Death and Space Clouds (Season 1, Episode 10)

A short piece for Mother’s Day. Something different that is not part of the First Day Back storyline. Stay tuned for details on Season 2!

The Music was from:

Jonathan Hirsch of the podcast ARRVLS.

Robert Andersson of the podcast Awful Grace.

Johnny Ripper from the Free Music Archive.

Thanks to Bill Badger and to Jack.

This piece had a lots of listeners, but special thanks to Rob McGinley Myers.

The book I reference is called Looking for Atlantis, by Colin Thompson.

Generations (Season 1, Episode 9)

What happens when Tally’s life starts mirroring the subject of her film? Also she talks to a 97 year-old woman and a Millennial who both reject the idea of “having it all”. This episode closes season 1 of First Day Back. Tally is currently at work on season 2.

Here is the article in Harper’s The Grand Shattering by Sarah Manguso

Musical thanks to Podington Bear and Johnny_Ripper from the Free Music Archive and Jonathan Hirsch from the podcast ARRVLS.

Your Stories (Season 1, Episode 8)

In this episode, listeners sent in recordings of themselves talking about work, parenthood and, how hard it is to know what to do with your life, with kids or without.

Thanks to Maria Schamis Turner, Associate Producer for this episode.

Jonathan Hirsch, creator and host of the Arrvls podcast scored this episode.

Here are links to some of the people in the show:

Dana Gerber-Margie writes a newsletter about podcasts called The Audio Signal.

Here is a link to Ina Hillebrand’s cookie business.

Brian Gresko has his own website here and the anthology on fatherhood he edited is called When I First Held You.

Jenny Stein’s photography podcast is part of This Week in Photo.

Additional music from Podington Bear, The Silver Jews, and Noveller from the Free Music Archive.

Fear and Insecurity in Las Vegas (Season 1, Episode 4)

An episode about creativity and insecurity. Questions are raised about Tally’s ability to jump back in after 6 years off and she talks to a painter who says some things she is afraid to say.

Here is a link to David’s Rahman’s haunting art.

Here is a link to Joel Yanofsky’s writing and other info.

Mary Elizabeth William’s salon.com article “If Daddy made more money you wouldn’t work, right?”: How my daughter learned gender dynamics I didn’t mean to teach her.

Musical thanks to Podington Bear, johnny_ripper, and Yellow Ostrich of the Free Music Archive.

Thanks to Maria Schamis Turner, Associate Producer for this episode.