First Day Back is a documentary podcast about trying to get your life back after an event that changes you. Each season, host and creator Tally Abecassis tells the story of someone attempting their own personal comeback.

Season 3 tells the story of Jason Weems, a man who lives and died for comedy.

First Day Back is produced in collaboration with EW Scripps and Stitcher and will be released in January 2019.

The Team

Tally Abecassis is the host and creator of First Day back. She is a documentary filmmaker and TV director whose work has played at festivals and on television around the world. The first season of the show chronicled her return to work after taking a very extended maternity leave. Find Tally on Twitter 

Marc Georges is the producer of First Day Back, based at the Scripps Washington bureau. He previously served as a producer with the BBC, reporting and producing web, television and radio packages for BBC World News and the BBC World Service. Find Marc on Twitter

Susanne Reber is the executive producer of podcasts at the Scripps Washington Bureau. She is a veteran investigative editor and the co founder and former executive editor of Reveal the investigative radio program and podcast. Her career has included senior editorial leadership roles at NPR, The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and the Center for Investigative Reporting. Find Susanne on Twitter @s_reber

Mary Beth Kirchner is story consultant and editor for Season 3 of First Day Back. Kirchner is a veteran TV and public media producer. She has won over 50 national/international awards for her documentary, music and podcast series distributed by ABC News, NPR, APM, PRX, BBC, Audible and Midroll/Scripps.

Additional Credits

David Herman scored and mixed Season Three of First Day Back. He’s a producer, musician and audio engineer based in New York.