The Guardian review:

“Abecassis is a mesmerising storyteller (…) Each episode reveals a new detail, which, combined with the host’s incredible way with words, is enough to make First Day Back quietly absorbing and gripping.”

A.V. Club review:

“With this second-season premiere, host and producer Tally Abecassis pulls off one of the most interesting acts of about-face in recent podcasting memory. (…) What can be happily reported is that the show is successful in this shift right out of the gate,

The Timbre Best Podcasts of the Week July 6-12:

“In much the same way that Death, Sex & Money’s Anna Sale opens up others to admitting their fears and failures, Abecassis has a knack for bringing out the vulnerable side in guests and embracing doubt as the human condition.”

The Timbre Best Podcasts of the Week June June 8-14:

“If you’ve ever dared to create, you shouldn’t miss this one for the world.”

Huffington Post: “First Day Back” Podcast Offers Poignant Look at Motherhood and Career

Ryan Steiner’s Podcast Reviews: First Day Back:

FDB is not a navel-gazing think piece but a seat-of-your pants how-to manual. Watching Abecassis work through her insecurities, fears, and hesitation while she’s figuring out how to do it turns First Day Back into a vital voice of an everlasting dialogue.”

The Timbre: Taking on the Personal: First Day Back:

“…the show demonstrates that her skills as a documentary filmmaker translate to the podcast realm. (…) Abecassis is building something here with real substance. She has a documentarian’s ear for good tape and solid editing. The third episode is the strongest yet, expertly bookended by the suspense of whether she’s received approval for the grant to make her film.”